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5 Ways Rubric is Using AI in Localization Now

How we use AI will continue to evolve, but how are we using AI at Rubric now? We introduce 5 of the most common AI applications we're incorporating into our clients’ global content workflows. Plus, learn about Rubric's human at the core approach to AI.

10 Powerful Ways to Use AI in Localization

New AI tools and platforms are arriving on the market all the time, but how best to utilize AI when creating global content? In this eBook, our experts introduce 10 powerful ways that you can use AI right now, as well as best practices for using AI tools.

AI versus Language Service Providers: What does the future hold for LSPs?

Will AI mean the end of Localization Service Providers (LSPs)? Is it possible to remove the human touch completely?

How global companies create global advertising campaigns

Video is the most effective form of content. Global companies like Pepsi, Always, Google and Oreo have embraced the power of video advertising to reach a global audience.

Baltic Guide: How to Grow Your Company in the Baltic Region

Are you a global business looking to grow into the lucrative Baltic region? Learn more about the Baltic markets and set your business up for success.

Introducing Rubric’s new CEO

Following our transition to employee-ownership we have now, in our 30th year, begun the next exciting chapter in our journey. Rubric's co-founders, Françoise and Ian Henderson, have transitioned into non-executive director roles and Susannah Eccles is now CEO.

How Rubric Reduced Processing Time by 99% for MadCap Flare localization

Rubric partnered with our client to introduce MadCap Flare and Lingo localization best practices. The result was a huge reduction in turn-around time, a reduction in cost and an improvement in quality. Read more about Rubric's approach in this case study.

How to Significantly Reduce Localization Costs for MadCap Flare

MadCap Flare is an extremely powerful content management system. Using its structured content approach can help streamline your localization process and significantly reduce costs.

Rubric Roundtable: Optimize Your Localization Process With Structured Content

In this Roundtable Rubric's experts discuss the benefits of structured content and offer strategies to reduce cost whilst improving quality and reducing turn-around time.

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