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Global Content Quest

In Global Content Quest: In Search Of Better Translations, Rubric's co-founder Ian Henderson shares the journey he and fellow co-founder Françoise took to change the cottage industry of translation into an industrial process.
Translation is a content issue, one that needs consideration from the very first moment. Written with style and wit, the book details Rubric’s unique philosophy, how the company equips its clients with tools to avoid complex problems, and how they empower the companies they work with.
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About the Author

Ian A. Henderson, Co-founder of Rubric
After working with two technology startups in New Zealand and for Siemens in Germany, Ian Henderson co-founded Rubric in 1994 with Françoise Henderson. Ever since, they have led the industry in quality translations. As CTO, Ian has partnered with companies to deliver relevant global content to their end users, enabling them to reap the rewards of globalization, benefit from agile workflows, and guarantee the integrity of their content.
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Discover the wider landscape of translation

Translation is an integral part of the whole process, something that is best considered from the moment you begin to design your product. Learn how applying the concept of translation as a content issue will yield a much more worry-free, cost-effective way of reaching a global audience.


Silos will not go away on their own, and the importance of content oversight is only going to grow as time goes on. Company culture and policies can be the hardest to change, but there are small steps that can be taken to help.

Misapplied Tools

While human expertise and oversight is always essential, the right tool can be a great asset to a project. But knowing which tool to buy, how to use it, and what it is made for is very important to your translation journey.

Poor User Journeys

Awareness of your customer is the first and most basic step toward improving their experience. If you are planning on taking your product global, you have to be aware of how it will be perceived, purchased, and used in other countries.

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