Global Content Strategy

Don't waste resources on inefficient localization. Set a clear global content strategy.

If you want to thrive globally, translation alone is not enough. Companies can waste time, money and effort on ill-designed localization. A global content strategy helps you get more from your translation budget. 
Global Content Strategy

Global content strategy reduces the cost and effort of localization

What if creating localized content was almost effortless?
Localizing your content for global markets doesn't need to involve chasing around after translation providers or spending excessive person hours preparing the content for translation. Worryingly, this is the reality of localization for many people in your situation.
This happens when there is a missing piece in their company's approach to globalization.
A good global content strategy serves to optimize your localization processes, reduce inefficiencies, and improve your returns in the new markets.
It also ensures that audiences in your international markets experience the same high quality customer journey as those in your home market.
of CEOs think that a global presence will soon be critical to being a relevant brand
Average Return on Assets (ROA) after 5 years of a company expanding globally
of companies only gain an ROA over 3% after 10 years of expanding
(Source: Thomson Reuters)

"[Your team] have helped us come so very far!! I had no idea when I set out on this international career path, that it would also include getting so deeply involved with and invested in our localization processes. The two go hand-in-hand. I appreciate all your guidance along the way!"

VP International Strategy & Expansion

How we create your global content strategy

At Rubric, we work with you to analyze your global content as a whole. Our philosophy is that projects shouldn’t exist in isolation and departments shouldn't be siloed. By approaching your localization strategically, you can save thousands of recurring dollars in translation costs.
We work closely together with you to…
1 Understand
We work with you to understand your global business goals.
2 Prioritize
Together, we identify, quantify, and prioritize your localization needs. 
3 Identify
We help you identify your global stakeholders and relevant governance.
4 Measure
We select metrics that matter to your business. 
5 Improve
We help you map out your content creation processes and localization workflows and recommend steps to make them more efficient. 
6 Design
With this information, we design a global content strategy that will help you to continually meet your goals.
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How Toshiba has scaled globally for decades with a Rubric Global Content Strategy

"We've worked with Rubric on an ongoing basis since 1994 and find them to be highly professional and reliable.

I am impressed with Rubric's abilty to continually scale to meet our largest localization projects."

Patrik Indola
Deputy Manager of Software Development, Toshiba Europe GmbH
Saving on translation
Languages translated
years working relationship
strong partnership

"It has been such a pleasure working with you on this Localization & Translation journey... over so many years of growth and change. You made so many impactful contributions to our process, which allowed us to reach the level of maturity we have today."

VP, Global Technology and International Strategy
Global content strategy

7 core benefits of having a global content strategy

A good global content strategy will pay for itself many times over. Your global content strategy provides a guiding plan for your localization efforts. It helps you optimize content for your global markets and clarifies how you will measure the success of your global operations. 
Benefits include:
  • Increased global outreach
  • Lower publishing costs
  • Shorter product release timelines
  • Improved ROI
  • Improved content consistency
  • Improved internal communication
  • Fewer linguistic review rounds

Are you ready for a global content strategy?

You might be unsure if your business is ready for a global content strategy. Where does the strategy fit with your company's existing strategy to grow internationally? Any global company should have 3 core strategies:
1 Corporate strategy
determines the products and services you offer, the audiences you target, and what makes you unique in your space. 
2 Globalization strategy
addresses how each function and process within your organization supports prospects and customers outside your home market. 
3 Global content strategy
focuses on how you decide which content to adapt and localize for your international markets. 
If you consistently create content for your international markets, it's likely that you can benefit from a well-designed global content strategy. 
But, there's only one sure way to find out… 

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