Your leadership team

Our team consists of industry experts, skilled program and project managers, and a team of translators across the world. With over 30 years of experience serving global organizations, you’re in safe hands with Rubric.

Susannah Eccles

Susannah joined Rubric in 1997 and has spearheaded the growth of our production team. She has always enjoyed change and relishes opportunities to learn something new in order to improve what we do - whether that is technology, business processes or marketing. She really appreciates the opportunity to learn about our clients' businesses and to help them with their content and business challenges. When not overseeing work at Rubric, Susannah enjoys being outside walking with her dogs.

Dominic Spurling

Dominic has over 25 years of international IT experience working in countries from Amsterdam to Zurich. His superpower is getting systems to talk nicely to each other. We go to him for advice on streamlining clients' digital handoffs, information security, and reducing admin effort through automation. Dom's early career in IT support gave him his unique patience and user-centric approach. When not integrating systems, he enjoys spending time in his garden. He'll tell you anything you want to know about ponds!

Rebecca Metcalf

Rebecca loves problem-solving and enjoys working with new and potential clients to understand what they need and how we can best deliver it to them. We often go to her for advice on complex client requirements, files, and tools. Having grown up in Hong Kong and lived around the world, Rebecca has a unique perspective on the linguistic and cultural challenges of global content. When she isn't thinking about global content, you can find her in her garden growing fruit and veg.

Alicja Weikop

Program Manager
Alicja's background spans two of Rubric's core areas of excellence. On the technology side, she has a MSc in Human Centered Computer Systems and experience in multilingual marketing. On the linguistics side, she speaks 3 languages and worked as a freelance translator for 10 years before joining Rubric. We go to her for advice on eLearning technology, SEO, video localization, and how to distinguish Russian from Ukrainian. In her time off, you can find her enjoying the rich Scottish scenery.

Julia Hill

Julia joined Rubric in summer 2022 and has had 20 years & experience working for companies of different shapes and sizes (startups and global organizations) in multiple roles giving her a broad scope of experience including user interface design and systems integration, business change and bid management. Her focus here at Rubric is to drive value for our customers through effective processes and tooling, strategy and governance, which chimes with her passion aiding businesses drive value and positive change in challenging circumstances whether that has been during business as usual or times of change. In her spare time, you will find her out walking her cocker spaniel Buzz down at her local woods, along the river or the beach when she can get there.

Françoise Henderson

Françoise is a Co-Founder and Director of Rubric. She started her career as a freelance translator working for Xerox and Lotus and became a founding member of the UK Institute of Translating and Interpreting (ITI) in 1986. In 1991 she set up and headed the UK subsidiary of an international Language Service Provider. Then, in 1994, Françoise co-founded Rubric with Ian. They guided the company for close to 3 decades before selling Rubric to an Employee Ownership Trust in 2022. Françoise has a great love of words, languages, and motivating others and always gives praise liberally when it's due. In her spare time you can find her running, cycling, or just sitting at home with a good book.

Ian A. Henderson

Ian is a Co-Founder and Director of Rubric. He started his career working in Nigeria, Cameroon & Oman, before joining Siemens in Germany as a software engineer. This was followed by working for two technology companies in New Zealand, before returning to the UK to join a Language Service Provider. In 1994, Ian co-founded Rubric with Françoise. They guided the company for close to 3 decades before selling Rubric to an Employee Ownership Trust in 2022. In addition to Ian's contributions to Rubric's processes and those of our clients, he found joy in pursuing another passion: flying aircraft for leisure. He takes every available opportunity to take to the skies!

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