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You need to translate your eLearning content… but it takes more than just translation to create a localized learning experience that will succeed in all your markets.
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"Rubric is a phenomenal partner for Amway and the value they offer goes way beyond translation. Rubric's greatest strengths are communication, project management, global reach, attention to detail, responsiveness to feedback, and commitment to partnership. Thank you Rubric for making this a great experience!"

Anne Stawiski
Senior Lead Corporate Trainer, Amway
eLearning localization

eLearning localization that understands global learning

eLearning can be complex and multi-faceted, often including audio, video and quiz components plus interactions with a Learning Management System.
It is often the case that the more complex your content, the higher the localization cost.
At Rubric we don't just translate your content - we work with you to identify potential areas where authoring or content design can be adapted to reduce cost and improve the learner experience. Our eLearning localization services help you strategically translate your training content to boost your global engagement.

Our team becomes part of your team

When you partner with Rubric your dedicated program manager leads a team of expert project managers. Together, you will find ways to take that extra work off your plate without going over your budget.
We want to make your job as easy as possible, so at Rubric we offer an end-to-end service. You send us your eLearning courses and we will deliver localized courses ready to be uploaded straight to your LMS.
We know eLearning can be complex, so our service covers all aspects of eLearning localization - from video, animation and audio recording, through to eLearning engineering and testing.
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Save time with automations optimized to your workflow

At Rubric our focus is on long-term efficiencies to reduce effort and cost whilst improving the global learner experience. We consider the authoring and design process as well as translation, engineering and testing.
Wherever possible we look to reduce your localization costs through automation, allowing us to remove waste, eliminate unnecessary manual operations, and reduce the likelihood of error.
We deliver SCORM packages ready to import into your LMS, and our suite of over 200 automation tools can be tailored to work with your content. Trust us to deliver long-term savings whilst ensuring your learning content is of the highest quality.
3 in 4
companies provide online learning for employees*
growth of the worldwide online learning market since 2000**
$1 trillion
expected eLearning industry market value (US$) by 2032***
more content covered by IBM managers by incorporating eLearning into their training****

How we handle your eLearning localization project

We don't just translate your document content…
When you start an eLearning localization project with us, we take it through our 8-step process. This ensures you are getting the most from your localization budget.
Do you have a rush job? No problem. This process can be quick, but it's important for ensuring your translation is efficient.
Here is the process we follow when onboarding you…
1 General information
We clarify your needs and pain points, the stakeholders for localization, the project purpose, and other key information.
2 Source file analysis
Our content analysts examine your source files to identify the best way to localize your eLearning project. They consider course and video file structure, specific requirements of the content, and many other properties.
3 Scope, schedule, and costs
We help you identify which services you will require. Will you need video editing or audio recording? Who will be responsible for Quality Assurance? Together, we determine the project scope, schedule and costs.
4 Your dedicated team
We assign your dedicated Program Manager who will lead a team of Project Managers. They will guide your project from here.
5 Project team assembled
Your PM will assemble a custom team for your project. This includes translators with experience and expertise in your subject area, experienced eLearning engineers, plus other team members as required.
6 Process recommendations
We identify the most efficient way for us to receive content from you and deliver the translated versions. Here, your PM will recommend ways you can improve your content processes. This starts the process of continuous improvement that is a key benefit of working with Rubric.
7 eLearning localization begins
Your project team will get to work. By this stage, every eLearning localization project looks different, as we have catered the process to your unique needs.
8 Iterate and Improve
There's a reason our clients often stay with us for decades. With every project we help you to further improve the efficiency of your translation process. Over time, the savings and improvements you make can be huge.
At each stage, we identify potential risks and mitigate them with an Identify + Assess + Plan framework

How Amway localized content for a key strategic eLearning initiative

Amway is one of the world’s leading direct selling businesses, operating in over 100 countries and territories. Rubric have been a trusted global content partner to Amway since 2007. So when they needed to localize a significant body of training material for Account Managers in 6 key markets, they turned to Rubric for help.
First, we worked with the content creators to optimize the source content for localization to improve reuse, reduce cost, and standardize the learner experience across modules.
Then we localized both instructor-led and web-based training content, including learner and instructor materials, eLearning, audio, graphics, assessments, and training reinforcement content.
Rubric handled the localization project from end-to-end—liaising with third party content creators and in-market teams, handling translation, engineering and testing, and delivering ready-to-use SCORM packages.
markets provided training collateral
words translated

"Thank you... for giving your best to complete this project on time! Also for all your input, improvements, suggestions and perseverance with our tech issues. This all is very much appreciated and a reason why I like to work with Rubric."

Senior Digital Channel Training Specialist

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