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Every industry is different. Each has its own set of challenges, processes and specialist terminology that directly affect localization.
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Technology is driving many changes in the manufacturing industry. Rising digitization, Industry 4.0, and increased automation are changing the way manufacturers operate. If your localization processes aren't keeping up with these changes, they are holding you back. We approach localization in a similar way that you approach your manufacturing processes, continually looking for ways to make the process more efficient with the right technology.

Technology & Software

Several of the common challenges that affect technology companies directly impact your localization processes. Whether you are struggling to meet short product cycles, maintain data security, or scale your operations, your localization can help or hinder that progress. For over 25 years, we have been at the forefront of technology-led innovation within the localization industry. We deeply understand the technology development process and the needs of global technology companies.


The global market for health and wellness has grown recently. This brings many opportunities. But, it also means that your international markets require more high-quality translated content to support your products and operations. As a wellness company, your customers and community are your business. We understand the challenges that come with creating and maintaining large amounts of translated content across your global markets.

Corporate Communications

Running a global business presents many challenges that domestic companies do not experience. How can you speak to all your global employees and customers? Language barriers between markets, cultural differences, and variations in foreign regulations can become endless sources of frustration. Localization can help you to excel under these difficult conditions, if approached correctly. We start by looking at your global strategy and fit localization within it so you're always moving in the right direction.

Human Resources

Human Resources is a specialist area and requires expertise and experience. Whether you are struggling to meet the demands of different international clients, rollout bespoke software, or scale your operations, we can help. For over 25 years, we have been at the forefront of technology-led innovation within the localization industry. We have extensive experience in the field of HR software and services and understand the needs of your content and your clients.

Life sciences

The rising global competition within life sciences puts extra pressure on your company to stand out internationally. Challenges like long product cycles, difficulty attracting talent, and strict regulations are common for companies like yours. Your localization processes need to take these restrictions into account. We always look at your localization as a whole, which allows us to proactively handle any challenges you might encounter.

Finance & Banking

Studies show that international financial companies are better able to weather industry changes than those who only operate domestically. But, a greater global presence means creating and managing more localized content. You also need to factor in challenges like differing regulations between countries, increased digitization, and cybersecurity threats. We understand the challenges that global financial companies face and our processes are set up to handle them.


The automotive industry has undergone some seismic changes recently and this looks set to continue. Increases in online sales, declining numbers of dealerships, rising demand from markets in the Asia-Pacific region, and many new technologies mean that automotive companies need to evolve rapidly. Our process-led approach allows us to scale and adapt your localization workflows to respond to such changes.

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