Technical Communications Localization

We understand complexity

It can be hard to find a localization provider that balances technical knowledge and linguistic excellence. With 30+ years of experience we offer both technical expertise and expert translation services.

"Rubric is our LSP of choice. We have implemented lots of [Rubric]'s advice and saved a lot of money on translations"

Technical Services Manager

Structured Content Expertise

A localization provider that understands technical communication

Technical communications are different from other types of content.
Frustratingly, many translation providers pass your tech pubs content through exactly the same processes as all other content. This leads to inefficient workflows, low-accuracy translations and makes your work even harder than it is already.
With Rubric, technical expertise is at our very core. We are experts in structured content and we work with you to make the best use of tooling and technology, whether your content is in MadCap Flare or you utilize XML DITA.
We work to fully understand your content, and design a localization workflow to match.
ISO Certification

ISO certified translation to reassure procurement

How do you convince others that your choice of translation provider is the right one?
We know that a decision to use a new supplier likely depends on others. Those people will want evidence that our processes align with your company's internal policies, especially for highly technical content that may be subject to specific regulations.
Our ISO certifications give you the confidence that our internal processes match your company's high quality standards.
And our processes don't just meet the requirements of those standards… they surpass them.
More Than Translation Memories

Never pay for the same translation twice

Has the cost of updating a translated technical document ever shocked you?
Many translation providers will unnecessarily overcharge you for technical translations. Even when they use a Translation Management System and Translation Memories to reuse past translations, they often use such systems inefficiently. As a result, you end up paying multiple times for the same translations.
At Rubric, we are experts at optimizing the use of translation tools to minimize cost. We also help you to strategically improve the consistency of your source content to further improve content reuse, so that you never pay for an unnecessary translation.
Subject matter experts

Our linguistic expertise ensures translation accuracy

Tired of working with translators that don't understand your products or service?
Our clients are often amazed by the high quality and accuracy of our translations. Unlike other providers, we take the extra step to fully understand the technicalities of your content before we start translating. We build a highly-specialized team of translators that are experts in your field, whether that's mechanical engineering, or customer relationship management. Combined with bespoke quality assurance steps, this approach delivers high quality translation for all of our clients.
You can be confident that we understand your terminology, your technology, and your industry.

How we Reduced our Client’s Processing Time by 99% for MadCap Flare Localization

Our client wanted to grow their global presence and scale their Online Help but was held back by persistent issues with their incumbent localization vendor.
This case study explains how Rubric’s MadCap Flare expertise helped us resolve these issues for our client.
If you’ve been facing similar struggles with your current vendor, get in touch. We have smarter solutions for you.
reduction in processing time
6 week
reduction in release time

"We really appreciate working with Rubric and the team there. Best customer service and quality of work. So, you are my “go to” for any translations we need in the future."

Senior Global Manager (Team Leader), Sales Enablement

How Yaskawa eliminated the risk from technical content errors

Yaskawa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automation equipment. One factor was vital above all others… technical accuracy.
Even the slightest translation inaccuracy can cause costly damage to vital equipment, or worse, physical harm to users. Their previous translators were tripped up by nuances because certain manufacturing terms are interpreted differently depending on what they reference.
They needed a change. But, the company's leadership was hesitant to bring in a new localization partner unless they could see consistent, accurate results quickly.
With Rubric, they saw that and more. Our approach gave Yaskawa a more cost-effective localization that put those key nuances into the hands of experts.
words per document

How we handle your technical translation project

We don't just translate your technical content…
When you start a technical translation project with us, we take it through our 8-step process. This ensures you are getting the most from your localization budget.
Do you have a rush job? No problem. This process can be quick, but it's important to ensure your translation is efficient.
Here is the process we follow when onboarding you…
1 General information
We clarify your needs and pain points, the stakeholders for localization, the project purpose, and other key information.
2 Source file analysis
Our content analysts examine your source files to identify the best way to localize your technical content. They consider file structure, regulatory requirements of the content, and many other properties.
3 Scope, schedule, and costs
We help you identify which services you will require. Will you need MadCap Flare engineering? Do images or screenshots require localization? Who will be responsible for Quality Assurance? Together, we set the project scope, schedule and costs.
4 Your dedicated team
We assign your dedicated Program Manager who will lead a team of Project Managers. They will guide your project from here.
5 Project team assembled
A custom team will be assembled to work on your project. This includes translators with subject area expertise and other key people for your project. 
6 Process recommendations
We identify the most efficient way for us to receive content from you and deliver the translated versions. Here, your PM will recommend ways you can improve your content processes. This starts the process of continuous improvement that is a key benefit of working with Rubric.
7 Technical translation begins
Your project team will get to work. By this stage, every technical translation project looks different, as we have catered the process to your unique needs.
8 Iterate and Improve
There's a reason our clients often stay with us for decades. With every project we help you to further improve the efficiency of your translation process. Over time, the savings and improvements you make can be huge.
At each stage, we identify potential risks and mitigate them with an Identify + Assess + Plan framework

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