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Localization providers often handle all their translation projects in the same way. They pass them through the same process and use the same resources. They don't take the time to understand who you are and what makes your brand unique.
At Rubric we understand that your marketing content lies at the heart of your global customer experience. The localization of marketing content presents unique challenges. We understand that every global company is different and has a unique voice.
Unlike other providers, we don’t try to fit you into the same box as everyone else. We work strategically with you to arrive at the localization services that are perfect for your unique needs.

Giving your global brand a voice

Your digital marketing campaigns will likely span multiple platforms and content types - your website, social media posts, advertising, blogs, case studies or white papers. Each piece will have been carefully crafted and will have a specific purpose. With most localization companies this vital detail is forgotten.
To enable successful marketing localization it's crucial we understand the aim of each piece of content and the wider brief. What is the intention? Who is the target persona? Where will the customer be in their journey? What emotion should be invoked? What are the SEO considerations?
We work with experienced marketing linguists who are adept at recreating the voice and intent of your digital marketing content in their language. Whether you require transcreation or marketing translation, at Rubric we create on-brand, on-brief content.

Localization that integrates with your marketing tools

Today, successful global marketing campaigns are about more than just translation.
Marketing is no longer simply about print, radio or tv advertising. Those days are long gone and today's tooling and technology are a vital part of the marketing jigsaw. If your localization provider can't integrate with your CMS or SEO platform, then inefficiencies and waste creep into the localization process.
Eliminating waste is at the heart of Rubric's approach. We understand the complexities of today's marketing tooling. Our aim is always to design a streamlined, efficient localization process that aligns with your technology.
We also understand that customers of global brands will interact with more than just marketing collateral. We work with our clients to understand the complete customer journey and break down organizational silos to deliver a superior experience to your customers.

At the early stages of creating your global marketing strategy?

If you're still formulating your global marketing strategy you can still get in touch to discuss how we can help in these early phases. Or, sign up to our blog to be sent localization tips straight to your inbox.
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