About us

We help you achieve what other translation agencies cannot

Localizing content for a global business means so much more than just translating words.
At Rubric, we understand that.
About us

What could you achieve if your localization provider was completely reliable?

When our clients first come to us, they’ve often had bad experiences with translation agencies in the past. Delayed deadlines, low accuracy translations, and unreliable communication have made localization a headache.
Understandably, they find it difficult to fully trust a translation agency.
About us

We are different

In 1994 Rubric was born as a result of our co-founders' passion for language, technology, and process optimization.
Today, we are an employee-owned company and everyone at Rubric continues to be passionate about the way we work and feels empowered to give our clients the best experience possible.

We are a partner, not a vendor.

Global success is not just about translating content. It requires much more than that.
Rubric works by embedding with our clients to become your localization partner. We take time to understand our clients' business, terminology, technology and content.
We work across all stages of the content lifecycle and become embedded in content processes. Our aim is always to reduce waste and minimize effort for all stakeholders whilst delivering content of the highest quality for our clients' global audience.

What makes Rubric different?

A dedicated team

You will never be passed around from department to department. This is a crucial difference between us and our competitors. Our clients have a dedicated program manager who leads an expert team of project managers. They become like another member of your team.
This should go without saying for a translation company, but we are passionate about languages and cultures! Rubric is a truly global company and our people speak many languages.
From the very beginning, technology has been a core part of Rubric. We are equally comfortable speaking the “languages” of developers and content managers as we are with Arabic or Zulu.
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“We’ve worked with Rubric on an ongoing basis since 1994 and find them to be highly professional and reliable. I am impressed with Rubric’s ability to continually scale to meet our largest localization projects.”

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“We wanted a partner that would collaboratively and strategically work with us, not for us. We rely on Rubric to work with our team to offer suggestions, produce the highest quality product, and stand behind their services, providing maximum impact.”

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"Rubric is a phenomenal partner for Amway and the value they offer goes way beyond translation. Rubric’s greatest strengths are communication, project management, global reach, attention to detail, responsiveness to feedback, and commitment to partnership. Thank you Rubric for making this a great experience!"

Anne Stawiski, Senior Lead Corporate Trainer, Amway

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