Tool-agnostic localization

Discover how Rubric’s advanced localization technology can streamline your workflows, making them more accurate and efficient, regardless of the platforms you use.
Global content orchestration

You deserve to have your global content needs met

Have you invested in a platform, only to find that it doesn’t quite meet all your needs?
Now you can have a localization process that works exactly the way you need, whatever platform you use.
Our experience has shown us that to plug the gap between your systems’ capabilities and your unique needs, you need a global content partner who can use their expertise to orchestrate the whole process.
As a Global Content Service Provider, the Rubric team will design the best workflow for you and your content according to your needs, budget and timeframe. By combining our proprietary technologies and third-party APIs, we reduce wasted effort, minimize human error, improve translation quality—and deliver long-term cost savings to our clients.


The coordination and management of multiple systems, applications and/or services stringing together multiple tasks in order to execute a larger workflow or process.

Orchestration: How does it work?

Rubric was founded on the principle of process optimization first, language next. We believe that targeted application of the right tools is fundamental to localization excellence. We deploy both human and machine resources appropriately and in different ways for each client, using best-in-class tools for the specific task they excel at.

We are tool-agnostic

We can work with every content platform and every file type.
Don’t have a TMS? Don’t worry, you can use ours. We can get you set up with our TMS with its core functionalities and orchestrate all other tools for you.

Tech deployment

We pick and choose from a range of best-in-class technologies—both proprietary tools and third-party APIs, including AI tools.
We deploy these in different ways for each client depending on their content, tooling, budget and schedule.


We will integrate into your processes and plug into your platforms, ensuring that we do the heavy lifting—so you don't have to.
You simply hand-off content to us in any format and you'll receive ready-to-use localized content back.

Iterate & improve

There’s a reason our clients often stay with us for decades.
With every project we help you to further improve the efficiency of your translation processes. Over time, the resulting savings and efficiencies can be huge.


To orchestrate your processes we need to understand how you work.
We become familiar with your tech landscape. We learn about your needs, constraints and pain points. Every project looks different, as we cater the process to your unique needs.

30+ years of experience

For 30+ years Rubric has offered our clients much more than just translation.
Over that time our tech solutions have constantly evolved to best serve our clients' needs. We have, and continue to, embrace new technologies to ensure we are utilizing the best tools for your organization's needs.

A look into Rubric’s unique tool suite

Targeted quality assurance

Our clients often say that our translations are far more accurate than they have experienced before. 
This is partly thanks to RubricCatcher: it analyzes and flags anomalies in every revision of your content. Meaning you get accurate, consistent, and valid deliverables, every time.

Plug into any platform

RubricConnect seamlessly integrates with your existing technology to automate the content handoff and delivery processes. 
Our engineers work with any file type or platform you can think of and customize the tool to perfectly suit your needs. Whatever you use, we can hook into it!

Streamline and automate

Should a hyperlink go to a translated page, the English page, or another place entirely? Most providers only address this issue when it’s far too late. 
RubricLynx streamlines your website localization by managing and checking each of your URLs during the localization process, not after. Goodbye 404 errors!

Waste-free workflows

RubricAnt optimizes your localization pipeline by analyzing your files and converting them into formats that work seamlessly with translation tools, eliminating huge amounts of manual work and potential human error. 
Just like an ant, it does an incredible amount of heavy lifting.

AI & Machine Translation

Deployed where it can make a difference
AI and MT don’t mean the end for the localization industry—they promise a wealth of opportunities. As with all tools and technology, it needs an expert human eye to oversee the process.
Our experts will help you identify which AI tools will be most beneficial for your unique workflow to optimize your processes.

There’s more…

Innovation is in our DNA
Over the years, we have developed a large collection of automation tools to handle specific content types including MadCap Flare and MadCap Lingo, XML DITA, subtitle files, and more. 
All of our clients have the benefit of these tools, whatever content type, platform, CMS, or TMS they use.

Expert Resources

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