Alex Owen-Hill

How to Ensure Quality Localized Content and Avoid These Common Traps

When you are looking to expand the reach of your global company, it's vital that you ensure the quality of your localized content. Here is how you can use the right tools, standards, and conventions with localized structured content… 

AI Localization: Harness Automation for Superior Multilingual Content

How can you begin to reap the benefits of AI tools for your global business?Here's a simple beginner's guide to using AI in your localization process… 

Rubric Roundtable: Optimize Your Localization Process With Structured Content

In this Roundtable Rubric's experts discuss the benefits of structured content and offer strategies to reduce cost whilst improving quality and reducing turn-around time.

How to Reduce Turnaround Times for Global Content with Structured Content

Producing timely quality content for all your international markets is challenging. Here's how to reduce your content turnaround times… 

Japan Guide: How to Grow Your Company into the Japanese Market

Are you a global business looking to grow into the lucrative Japanese market? If so, this is the guide for you! 

How to Avoid Costly Localization Issues in Structured Content

"My team spends too much time and effort fixing issues in localized content before publishing. What can I do?" Here's how you can streamline your localization pipeline… 

Celebrating One Year of Employee Ownership at Rubric

One year ago, we made the leap to an employee-ownership model and became Rubric EOT. What have been the results of this move now that we are a year into our journey of employee ownership?

What is SCORM and Why It Matters for Global Elearning

SCORM is a core technology when you are developing global eLearning programs.

Germany Guide: How to Grow Your Company into the German Market

Are you a global company looking to expand your business into the German Market? If so, this is the guide for you! 

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