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Is Your Technical Terminology Consistent Across Markets?

Technical terminology plays a large part in global business communications. But, do all your markets use technical terms consistently?

What the New Rubric Rebrand Means for You

What has changed about Rubric during our recent rebranding? What does it mean for you and your global business?

10 Proven Ways to Ensure Consistency When You Translate

How do you control the consistency of your content across your international markets? Here are 10 good ways to ensure translation consistency.

How to Get the Most from Terminology Management Tools

Terminology management tools can be a powerful option for maintaining consistency over all of your translated content. But, how do you ensure that you are using these tools effectively?

7 Localization Mistakes Even Experienced Tech Writers Make

We all want our content to be compelling to everyone that consumes it, whether they are in our home country or one of our global markets. We certainly don't want our company to end up as an entrant on an online list of "10 Hilarious Localization Mistakes." Do we?

How to Make Software Localization Effortless for Dev Teams

Does software localization have to be so complex!? When you are creating software for the global market, localization can seem like a lot of work. Your development (dev) teams are already putting all their best efforts into keeping up with your release cycles…

What is Terminology Management and Do You Need It?

Does your business have technical terminology? When you’re translating your content, terminology can sometimes cause issues.

11 Professional Subtitle Formatting Tips for Translation

Subtitle formatting can be a minefield. The wrong formatting could jeopardize all of that hard work, time, and budget that you put into creating and translating your subtitles.

5 Common Video Subtitling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

With the rise in popularity of video content and shorter project timelines, it’s not surprising that subtitle mistakes are common. When you’re translating your videos, even more mistakes can trip you up.

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