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How to Significantly Reduce Localization Costs for MadCap Flare

MadCap Flare is an extremely powerful content management system. Using its structured content approach can help streamline your localization process and significantly reduce costs.

Rubric Team Talk on Structured Content: Optimize Your Localization Process With Structured Content

In this Rubric Team Talk on Structured Content, we discuss the benefits of structured content and offer strategies to reduce desktop publishing costs.

How to Reduce Turnaround Times for Global Content with Structured Content

Producing timely quality content for all your international markets is challenging. Here's how to reduce your content turnaround times… 

How to Avoid Costly Localization Issues in Structured Content

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What is Structured Content and How Can It Help Global Companies?

Structured content is a powerful tool for global companies looking to reach multiple markets. But is structured content right for your company? In our recent expert roundtable discussion, some members of Rubric's team discussed some benefits of using structured content.

Voice-over for Elearning: How to Localize Audio At Scale

The voice-over audio in your eLearning videos can be an important element to create an engaging experience for your learners. But localizing voice-over can be a complex and costly process.

Top Tips for Scaling Your Elearning Video Production for Global Markets

When you're looking to expand your company's learning courses into new markets, your eLearning video production process is vital. 

Rubric Team Talk on eLearning: How to Translate and Localize Elearning Courses Efficiently

In this roundtable, we're going to be looking at some hypothetical situations around eLearning – we're using hypothetical situations so we keep the confidentiality of our existing clients.

Advance your technical writing career

Technical writing is a challenging job, and it takes real skill to balance creativity with technical know-how. Learn how to convey this value to management.

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