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7 Steps to Translate Video Without All the Hassle

How can you ensure that the process for creating videos for your international markets will be as easy and pain-free as possible?

How to Significantly Reduce the Cost of Video Translation

Translating videos for your international markets is a vital step for creating high-quality content. However, you might be concerned that the cost of the video project will be too high.

What Size of Translation Provider Do You Need?

You're looking for a new translation provider but there are so many options. How can you tell if a particular provider will suit your needs?

2 Reliable Marks of a Trustworthy Translation Provider

If you’ve used translation providers in the past, you might have had some less-than-great experiences. It’s not uncommon for companies in your position to be very wary when looking for a new translation provider, which is understandable.

How to Maintain Your Brand Voice In Translated Content

Any content that goes out on behalf of your company will affect people’s perception of that brand. Like all good marketers, you like to retain a level of control over your content so that you can ensure that it represents your company in the right way.

The 10 Rules of Video Content Creation for Translation

Study after study has shown that video is more engaging than other content, more likely to drive sales, and more likely to be consumed by your customers and employees alike. According to Hubspot, 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

Manufacturers: Is Your Content Workflow Wasting Money?

There is one workflow that many manufacturers ignore when they are looking to improve their operations… their content creation and translation workflows.

The Smart Manufacturer’s Guide to Translated Video

As a manufacturer operating in the digital world, there are many videos you could create for your business. Training videos, product videos, marketing videos, onboarding videos… the list goes on and on.

How to Choose The Best Technical Writing Tool For Your Team

What's the best technical writing tool for you and your team? Here's how to sift through all of the many features, claims, and price tags.

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