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15 multilingual user interface design tips for global companies

As a user interface (UI) designer for a global company, you probably know that a multilingual user interface is essential for reaching your customers all over the world. 

Rise Translation: How to Localize eLearning with Articulate Rise 360

When it comes to developing your eLearning content, Articulate Rise is one of the most popular authoring tools on the market. But what about translation? Is Rise a suitable tool for creating course content in multiple languages?

Are You Neglecting Potential New Markets? How to Expand

As a global company, you are likely always on the look-out for new opportunities to expand the reach of your business. Here's a guide to how you can identify if moving into a new international market is right for you…

Multilingual Software Development: The Key to a Successful Global Product

Multilingual software development involves developing your software products in multiple human languages simultaneously. Here's how you can switch to a multilingual software development process… 

15 Best eLearning Authoring Tools for Creating Localized Courses

When you are looking for a good eLearning authoring tool, there are a lot of different options to choose from! Here are the 15 best eLearning tools for creating localized courses.

5 Common Mistakes in Portuguese eCommerce Translation

Let's explore some of the common mistakes global companies make with Portuguese eCommerce translation…  

Elearning Localization: What It Is and How to Make it Effective

What is effective eLearning localization? In this article, we look at why localized eLearning is a great idea for global businesses.

Brazilian vs Portugal Portuguese: Differences You Need to Know

Brazil and Portugal are the largest markets that speak the Portuguese language… but what are the differences between the two variants of Portuguese?

Is Post Editing Machine Translation Worth It? The Research

Machine translation (MT) is the process of automatically translating text from one human language into another. The question is… Is post editing worth the effort?

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