Dominic Spurling

How to Reduce Turnaround Times for Global Content with Structured Content

Producing timely quality content for all your international markets is challenging. Here's how to reduce your content turnaround times… 

How to Avoid Costly Localization Issues in Structured Content

"My team spends too much time and effort fixing issues in localized content before publishing. What can I do?" Here's how you can streamline your localization pipeline… 

What is Structured Content and How Can It Help Global Companies?

Structured content is a powerful tool for global companies looking to reach multiple markets. But is structured content right for your company? In our recent expert roundtable discussion, some members of Rubric's team discussed some benefits of using structured content.

Content Management is going Headless. Now what?

When is a headless CMS the right solution? Ignoring responsibility for presentation and interactivity, a headless CMS deals only with the content itself.

Controlling Entropy in UI Localization

From a software engineering perspective, the localization process can be an entropy-increasing stage in your devops pipeline.

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