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Do you want to work with a translation provider who can seamlessly integrate with your content platforms?

"We absolutely love working with you and your team, and we recommend you every chance we get. We really appreciate your flexibility, quick turnaround, and the ease of integration with our platform."

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Seamlessly connect with your platforms

People often think that content for translation always needs to be supplied as a Word document. This is very rarely true!
RubricConnect allows us to hook into your existing pipeline and automates the handoff and delivery processes. We can pull and push content directly from your systems with little or no input from you using localization connectors and APIs.
This can save hours of unnecessary work for your teams and brings unparalleled repeatability to the localization process, reducing both effort and cost.
Part of the “magic” of RubricConnect is the customization. Clients often have slightly different ways to use the same systems and our engineers customize the interface to perfectly suit your needs.
We can integrate with your processes whether you’re using Git, Bitbucket, Contentstack, APT … or any other system. Whatever you use, we can hook into it!

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