Specialized web content quality assurance with RubricLynx

Automated hyperlink management to streamline website localization

Speed up website localization with streamlined URL checks

When you are running a multi-language website, managing hyperlinks can be a nightmare. Should a particular link go to a translated page, the English page, or another place entirely?
Most translation providers only address this issue when it’s far too late. They either expect your team to manage the links or they perform checks manually themselves. Either way, this leads to delays and errors.
At Rubric, we combine a proactive approach with our unique automation tool, RubricLynx. It helps us avoid delays at that all-important final stage of the project and reduces errors.
RubricLynx automates the process of checking links across your web content. Upfront, we work with you to create a database of approved links and conventions. This acts as a single source of truth through your website localization project. The tool then automatically flags any links that look like they might contain errors.
With RubricLynx, we help you ensure that users never encounter a 404 error page when they should have been taken to a translated page.

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