Optimized automations for your custom workflow

Standard translation tools never work straight out of the box. Our 200+ automation tools are often invisible to clients, but they ensure that translation is always optimized for your unique workflows.

Process optimization first, language next

At Rubric, software development and process optimization are at the very core of what we do. This can come as a surprise to some new clients who only think of us as a high-quality translation service. 
From the very beginning, our CTO and co-founder Ian Henderson brought his background in software engineering to our operations. We believe that the targeted application of automation and software tools is fundamental for making our clients’ lives better. 
Most modern translation providers use standard tools like translation memories, machine translation, and automated translation. But, these tools are never plug-and-play. These providers do a lot of wasteful manual work to convert the source content into the rigid, consistent data that the tools require. 
Then, they pass on that work to you as an extra cost!
Our suite of over 200 automation tools is one of the reasons that our clients often end up paying less for translations and why our translation accuracy is usually higher than our competitors. 
The efficiency that they bring also makes our clients’ lives significantly easier when interfacing with translations.

RubricAnt – Flexible pipeline transformations

Standard translation tools are vital, but they thrive on consistency. 
By contrast, content is created by humans. We humans are gloriously inconsistent. People continually move the goalposts, introducing new content writing rules and creating new file formats all the time. 
This disparity has traditionally been a problem for companies working with multiple languages. Even with the right tools, translations often go wrong, take longer than expected, and are not repeatable.
RubricAnt helps us overcome this problem by analyzing and scanning your chosen files, then converting them into formats that play nicely with translation tools. This eliminates a huge amount of manual work, allowing us to pass on those savings to you.
Wondering if we can work with your chosen file types? It’s very likely!
Our policy is “we’ll take whatever you throw at us.” Our software engineers are highly experienced at creating interfaces for practically any file you can think of.

RubricConnect – API integration and optimization

People often think that content for translation always needs to be supplied as a Word document. This is very rarely true!
RubricConnect allows us to hook into your existing pipeline and automates the handoff and delivery processes. We can pull and push content directly from your systems with little or no input from you. This can save hours of unnecessary work for your teams and offers unparalleled repeatability to the localization process.
Part of the “magic” of RubricConnect is the customization. Clients often have slightly different ways to use the same systems and our engineers customize the interface to perfectly suit your needs.
We can integrate with your processes whether you’re using Git, Contentstack, APT, … or any other system. Whatever you use, we can hook into it!

RubricCatcher – Laser focused quality assurance

Our clients often comment that the accuracy of our translations is far higher than they have experienced from other translation providers.
RubricCatcher is one of the ways that we are able to achieve such a high level of accuracy. It is an elegant, advanced exception reporting and analysis tool. It ensures high quality by highlighting potential translation issues long before they ever leave our systems.
This ensures that when translations arrive in your systems, they have been quality checked from several different angles. 
Part of what makes RubricCatcher unique is the multi-way comparison that it performs on your content. It tracks the current and previous revisions of each source language element so our team understands exactly what you have changed. In parallel, it compares these with the corresponding elements in the target language. It flags unexpected linguistic changes as well as structural changes that might impact translations.
The tool also highlights potential anomalies, such as brand terms that have been translated when they shouldn’t have been.
Our tools

RubricLynx — Specialized web content quality assurance

When you are running a multi-language website, managing hyperlinks can be a nightmare.
Should a particular link go to a translated page, the English page, or another place entirely?
Most translation providers only address this issue when it’s far too late. They either expect your team to manage the links or they perform checks manually themselves. Either way, this leads to delays and errors.
At Rubric, we combine a proactive approach with our unique automation tool, RubricLynx. It helps us avoid delays at that all-important final stage of the project and reduces errors.
RubricLynx automates the process of checking links across your web content. Upfront, we work with you to create a database of approved links and conventions. This acts as a single source of truth through your website localization project. The tool then automatically flags any links that look like they might contain errors.
With RubricLynx, we help you ensure that users never encounter a 404 error page when they should have been taken to a translated page.

Other content-specific tools

Software development is part of who we are at Rubric. 
When a client works with a specific content type, we always look for ways that we can develop automation to make their localization process even more efficient. All our clients then have the benefit of these tools. 
Over the years, we have developed a large collection of automation tools for specific content types. 
For example, we have developed optimized tools to…
  • Extract consistent data from inconsistent Microsoft Excel files.
  • Format and wrap subtitle files for higher-quality videos.   
  • Handle company-specific commenting conventions in software files. 
  • Interface with Madcap Flare.
  • … and dozens of other automation tools that allow us to elegantly handle any file our clients choose to throw at us!

Can we integrate with your workflow?

You might be wondering if all of these tools will be compatible with your unique workflow. Just ask! It's highly likely that we will be able to connect your pipeline to ours and save you the hassle of managing files yourself.

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