Global Content Strategy

Whether it’s blogs, technical manuals or videos, the content consumed by worldwide users of your products or services is your Global Content.

What is a Global Content Strategy?

Do you work in international markets? Create a strategy to deliver a holistic approach, clearer processes and more consistent results. More than just translation, a Global Content Strategy optimizes content for each target international market. Whether you would like to have improved ROI or fewer linguistic review rounds, the right content for the right audience is essential for multinational businesses.

Needs of a Global Marketplace

There are three core strategies that need to be integrated to keep your business in sync with customers: a corporate strategy, a globalization strategy, and a global digital content strategy.

A corporate strategy determines the products or services you offer, the audiences you target, and what makes your enterprise unique in its space.

A globalization strategy addresses how each function within your organization and how your processes support prospects and customers outside of your home market.

A global digital content strategy focuses on how you decide which content and code to adapt and localize. This enables audiences in international markets to experience the same quality of customer journey as your home locale.

Without a governance model in place, you won’t know how to measure the success or failure of your organization’s strategy. Don’t suffer from a misalignment of corporate business goals, branding, and messaging for your international audience.

Our managed services are supported by the Localization Maturity Model developed by CSA Research.

What Sets Us Apart

At Rubric, we work with our clients to analyze their Global Content as a whole, understand their goals, and identify, quantify and prioritize localization needs. We deliver a holistic service to help you design and implement a comprehensive Global Content Strategy. Our philosophy is that projects shouldn’t exist in isolation, and translation should never be an afterthought. We help our clients break down silos and tie their entire content set together, with localization considered at every stage.

Benefits of a Global Content Strategy

By implementing a managed solution, organizations can enjoy a number of key strategic benefits, including:

Increased global outreach

Lower publishing costs

Shorter product release timelines

Improved ROI

Improved digital content consistency

Improved communication

Shorter software build times

Fewer linguistic review rounds

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