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We help you achieve what other translation agencies cannot

Localizing content for a global business means so much more than just translating words.
At Rubric, we understand that.
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"Rubric is a phenomenal partner for Amway and the value they offer goes way beyond translation. Rubric’s greatest strengths are communication, project management, global reach, attention to detail, responsiveness to feedback, and commitment to partnership. Thank you Rubric for making this a great experience!"

Anne Stawiski, Senior Lead Corporate Trainer, Amway
About us

What could you achieve if your localization provider was completely reliable?

When our clients first come to us, they’ve often had bad experiences with translation agencies in the past. Delayed deadlines, low accuracy translations, and unreliable communication have made localization a headache.
Understandably, they find it difficult to fully trust a translation agency.
About us

We are different

The year was 1994 and Françoise and Ian were sitting across from each other at their favorite café. They had both just quit their jobs at a large translation agency.
From where they were sitting, they could see a huge problem in the way the translation industry operated.
They were driven by a core belief that few global companies understood…

Translation is not about linguistics. It’s about content.

Your content management, content processes, and content workflows are vital for scalable localization. If you merely view translation as a linguistic step at the end of your process… you will fail to scale.
Françoise and Ian could see there was a huge potential for incorporating new technologies and process-thinking into localization. But, the localization industry seemed blind to it. This was back in the days when clients still sent documents to be translated by fax.
Companies could do so much more to improve their global content processes!
Rubric was born out of a passion for language, technology, and process optimization.

What makes Rubric different?

We live languages

This should go without saying for a translation company, but we are passionate about languages and cultures! Rubric is a truly global company and our people speak many languages.

We love technology

From the very beginning, technology has been a core part of Rubric. We are equally comfortable speaking the “languages” of developers and content managers as we are with Arabic or Zulu.
“I love languages and working with people. It’s very satisfying for me to empower the employees and the clients. As long as there’s a human impact, I’m interested.”
“We’re hugely fortunate that we were in the industry when it was in its infancy. A very early decision was that everything had to be stored electronically. That was quite visionary 25 years ago.”

Single point of contact

You will never be passed around from department to department. This is a crucial difference between us and our competitors. Our clients have a dedicated project manager who is their single point of contact for everything. Each project manager knows everything that’s going on about their project. They become like another member of your team.

Your critical team member

We are friendly and fun, but also firm. We won’t hesitate to tell you when we see how you can further optimize your processes to make life easier for you and your teams.

Agile and flexible

Our unique organizational structure means that we are more agile than our competitors. We can keep up with your changing needs and scale your languages extremely quickly.
“More and more, we’re trying to push back on the project leaders and product owners to stress the importance of key technology to their markets.”
“Whatever people throw at us, we try to make it happen. We can look into a new tool if we need to, we can make new automation, we can get more translators on board. Rubric is special because we’re so adaptable and agile.”

We're on your side

There’s a reason clients work with us for decades. We might not seem like the cheapest option up front. But, we are dedicated to helping you reduce your localization costs in the long term. Other translation agencies thrive on your inefficiency. Our mission is to make your localization process as efficient as possible.
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“We’ve worked with Rubric on an ongoing basis since 1994 and find them to be highly professional and reliable. I am impressed with Rubric’s ability to continually scale to meet our largest localization projects.”

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“We wanted a partner that would collaboratively and strategically work with us, not for us. We rely on Rubric to work with our team to offer suggestions, produce the highest quality product, and stand behind their services, providing maximum impact.”

About us

If working with localization seems complex…

We know. There’s a lot to get your head around when you start working with localization. Even if you’ve been translating content for years, the whole process can seem complex.
It makes all the difference when you work with a reliable, high-knowledgeable localization partner. Your dedicated project manager becomes your trusted ally.
You can have the confidence that you are working with a reliable partner who will guide you through the process of localization, rather than being another roadblock.
Working with Rubric doesn’t feel like a normal supplier-client relationship. We become part of your team.
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"Thank you Rubric for making this a great experience!"

Anne Stawiski, Senior Lead Corporate Trainer, Amway

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