Your leadership team

Our team consists of industry experts, skilled project managers, and a team of translators across the world. With over 25-years of experience serving global organizations, you know you’re in safe hands with Rubric.

Françoise Henderson

Françoise is our CEO and co-founder. She always sees the big picture and we go to her for advice on how to get a win-win for clients, suppliers, and our teams. She has a great love of words, languages, and motivating others and always gives praise liberally when it's due. When she's not coordinating us at Rubric, you can find her running, cycling, or just sitting at home with a good book.
Founding member ITI

Ian A. Henderson

Ian is our CTO and co-founder. His background as a software engineer gave him the skills to quickly visualize proof of concepts. Once those concepts are developed, he hands them over to the team to implement them. He is great at interpreting what people are looking for and presenting it in a way that's understandable to the intended audience. When he's not innovating Rubric's processes and those of our clients, he's flying aircraft for fun, which he does at every available opportunity!

Susannah Eccles

Susannah joined Rubric in 1997 and has spearheaded the growth of our production team for over a decade. She has always enjoyed change and relishes every opportunity to learn about new technologies, processes, and clients' businesses. There's never a dull day at Rubric and each day brings her something new. When she's not leading our production team, she is managing her three teenagers at home and enjoys getting outside to walk her dog, Lucy.

Dominic Spurling

Dominic has over 25 years of international IT experience working in countries from Amsterdam to Zurich. His superpower is getting systems to talk nicely to each other. We go to him for advice on streamlining clients' digital handoffs, information security, and reducing admin effort through automation. Dom's early career in IT support gave him his unique patience and user-centric approach. When not integrating systems, he enjoys spending time in his garden. He'll tell you anything you want to know about ponds!

Rebecca Metcalf

Rebecca enjoys working with new and potential clients to understand what they need and how we can deliver it to them. We often go to her for advice on complex client requirements, files, and tools. Growing up in Hong Kong and living around the world gave Bex a unique perspective on the cultural challenges of creating content. She loves problem-solving and when she isn't managing global content, you can find her doing crosswords, jigsaws, or growing fruit and veg in her garden.
IPMA Level C

Alicja Weikop

Program Manager
Alicja's background spans two of Rubric's core areas of excellence. On the technology side, she has a MSc in Human Centered Computer Systems and experience in multilingual marketing. On the linguistics side, she speaks 3 languages and worked as a freelance translator for 10 years before joining Rubric. We go to her for advice on eLearning technology, SEO, video localization, and how to distinguish Russian from Ukrainian. In her time off, you can find her enjoying the rich Scottish scenery.
MA in English Studies
MSc in Human Centered Computer Systems

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