Global Translation Service and Localization Consultants

Succeeding in a global market relies on delighting your clients.
We’ll help you do just that.

Global Translation and Localization Consultants

Succeeding in a global market relies on delighting your clients. We’ll help you do just that.
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“The quality of Rubric’s translations, their translation memory and the ability to have everything centralized in one place with one company, is very important to us as an IT business. We’ve mainly used Rubric for translation work in Europe in languages like French, German, Norwegian and now also Arabic. When we were looking for translation companies it was very important to us that they commission local people to translate for our customers in that country. Coming across Rubric’s name a few times, we decided to work with them and the kind of work we’ve had back from Rubric has been very good quality. Their use of local translators is an awesome advantage as the resources you get are so much better. Before, we’ve tried translations with people who weren’t native speakers and have seen quite bad stuff. Rubric’s translation memory and centralized capability have also made things much easier. And they’re just cool to work with – very friendly, get back to you quickly, and always check in to see how things are going.”

Chantal Fritz

International Development and Marketing, Impero Software

“Rubric has a great knowledge of the tools and processes in the localization industry and could propose very practical solutions to a number of challenges we’ve had. The more their understanding of our organization, targets and the ways we work has grown over time, the better the solutions have been. This kind of cooperation hasbeen very beneficial for Toshiba over the years. Rubric is an exception among other vendors in that their localization processes have been tailor-made to fit our needs. Additionally, the willingness of Rubric to set up and improve processes for us is, I think, exceptional. Rubric is flexible, scalable, process oriented and owns high engineering skills – especially the latter is a big reason why I would recommend them.”

Patrik Indola

Deputy Manager Software Development, Toshiba Europe GmbH

“Connecting to the world through weather is at the heart of what we do. Like language, weather impacts our lives, how we interact, respond, and thrive. AccuWeather takes seriously the ability to effectively communicate this vital information globally. We understand that word-for-word translation from one language to another is often not enough and partnered with Rubric to collaborate on this endeavour of global innovation and enhancement. In turn, Rubric provides our teams with the education and insight needed to advance our content and products in culturally relevant ways for users around the world. Thanks to Rubric’s expertise and guidance, we are successfully expanding how we communicate forecasts to our growing international audience by developing localized formats for 100+ languages and dialects. Rubric’s focus continues to help department-specific projects, along with our company as a whole, understand how the localization process effects all lines of business collectively. As a result, Rubric remains an invaluable partner of AccuWeather’s global mission of being the world’s best and most-used source of localized weather to improve people’s lives.”

Alex Anderson

Localization Manager/Product Manager, AccuWeather


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