Lancer Corp Enlists Rubric’s Help to Ensure Their Global Content is on par with Their Superior Products

A subsidiary of the Hoshizaki Corporation – that specializes in commercial kitchen equipment – Lancer Corporation’s headquarters sit in San Antonio, Texas. Their reach is global with sales and manufacturing facilities of their high-quality products in the United States, Mexico, and Australia. Additional associates are employed in the Far East and Europe. More specifically, they specialize in manufacturing beverage dispensing equipment and accessories. These products are sold around the world.
Lancer Corporation prides itself on designing and manufacturing high-quality products with the aim of not only meeting but surpassing its customers’ expectations. This is why they needed localization services that would offer end results that matched the quality that Lancer Corporation has become known for.

Rubric delivered work that was timeous and user-friendly

Great quality work wasn’t the only prerequisite for their partner – they were looking for a company that was able to give incredible value and transparency, and that gave extraordinary and personalized service – making Rubric the perfect choice. 
Rubric delivered work that was timeous and user-friendly. Their expert consultants provided invaluable advice and guidance throughout the engagement. They also worked with Lancer Corporation to create a term glossary and style guide to ensure that everyone was on the same page with regards to tone as well as specific terminology. Once translations were complete, Rubric could format the documents and complete final quality assurance. Lancer Corporation can now save on time and resources and eliminate the risk of errors cropping up in the process of reformatting.
But it doesn’t stop there: because translations were sent in a format that Lancer Corporations uses, they didn’t need to waste time changing fonts and could review the translations in context, leading to a much smoother review process than they had experienced in the past.
Rubric asked questions where necessary, particularly when clarification was needed around the source text. They then implemented corrections to the source as required, and delivered updated source files to Lancer at the end of the project. This was done for Lancer’s reference so that they could update their documents in the future.
Rubric was able to advise on best practices for different regions ensuring that metric units of measurement appeared before imperial units of measurement for appropriate markets – making sure that everything down to the finest detail was localized accurately.
Rubric also helped with the translation of Lancer’s HCI content and ensured that the translations met length restrictions. The provided expert feedback and advice on how this process might work better in the future. 
Overall, Rubric minimized the localization costs by translating documents intelligently. If multiple documents required translation, Rubric made sure to complete one first, updated the translation memory, and then moved onto the next.
Rubric translated the documents in the ways that were needed by Lancer Corporation and showed how thorough they were by asking the right questions where necessary. Rubric could provide excellent print- or web- ready copy on time and up to Lancer Corporation’s standards of excellence. But more than that – from their consulting to their execution and eye for detail – Rubric exceeded Lancer Corporation’s expectations. 
Lancer Corporation appreciated the fact that Rubric got on with the job and knew they could rely on Rubric to deliver on time, with great results. They realized the value of their partnership with Rubric to put out the very best quality localization efforts and give the most expert advice allowing Lancer Corporation to reach their global audience more effectively than ever before. 

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