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Automation to remove human error

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Standard translation tools are vital, but they thrive on consistency. By contrast, content is created by humans. We humans are gloriously inconsistent. People continually move the goalposts, introducing new content writing rules and creating new file formats all the time. 
This disparity has traditionally been a problem for companies working with multiple languages. Even with the right tools, translations often go wrong, take longer than expected, and are not repeatable.
RubricAnt helps us overcome this problem by analyzing and scanning your chosen files, then converting them into formats that play nicely with translation tools. This eliminates a huge amount of manual work, allowing us to pass on those savings to you.
Wondering if we can work with your chosen file types? It’s very likely! Our policy is “we’ll take whatever you throw at us.” Our software engineers are highly experienced at creating interfaces for practically any file you can think of.

Learn more about how automation can deliver efficiencies and cost savings

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