Françoise Henderson

Why We've Become an Employee-Owned Company at Rubric

This month, we have made an exciting announcement for the future of Rubric. We have moved to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

How Rubric’s Scots Language Translators Made the New Firefox Browser

Our skilled Scots language translators just helped make history by making Firefox the first major software in the Scots language.

Best Practices for Business Transformations

Mergers and Acquisitions can result in global content headaches. In this eBook we share our insights into how to plan for business transformations, and best practices for executing a successful global content strategy after M&As.

2 Cases Where Rubric Transformed Clients Delivery Time

On-time delivery should be a non-negotiable, but we know that isn't the reality for many. In this eBook learn about the forgotten factors that impact delivery timings, and read two case studies where Rubric transformed clients' delivery schedules.

Decades of savvy scaling with Toshiba

What does "scalability" look like in real life? Consider this: in 1994, worldwide technology leader Toshiba created only printed manuals for its laptop PC's. Today, all of Toshiba's documentation exists online as well as in hard copy.

Delivering Weather Personalization & Hyper-Localization Worldwide with AccuWeather

AccuWeather partners with Rubric for global language services, personalizing breaking weather information, news, and updates to provide forecasts in over 100 languages and dialects.

Best Practices for Online Learning Localization

Technology has made it easier than ever to create high-quality eLearning, but translating instructional content can still be prohibitively expensive if it is not authored with localization in mind. In this report, we share best practices for writing, designing, and translating online learning material cost-effectively.

33 Content Translation Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Does localization feel like a costly headache? Wondering how to make the creation of global content easier? This eBook is a cheat sheet for anyone involved in localization who wants to make things better!

How to Find the Right Translation Provider for You

When you start looking for a new translation provider, you are hit by a wall of choices. It’s hard to make an informed decision when the differences between providers are so unclear.

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