Alicja Weikop

Rubric Roundtable: The Past, Present and Future of AI in Localization

The localization industry was a frontrunner in AI adoption but AI is rapidly evolving. There is huge potential for AI to streamline processes, enhance efficiency and reduce costs, but there are also risks and pitfalls. In this Roundtable Rubric and CSA Research discuss all things AI in localization and lay out Rubric's approach to making the best use of AI for our clients.

Top Tips for Scaling Your Elearning Video Production for Global Markets

When you're looking to expand your company's learning courses into new markets, your eLearning video production process is vital. 

Rubric Roundtable: How to Translate and Localize Elearning Courses Efficiently

In this Roundtable, we share our top tips for creating localization-ready eLearning content and improving localization processes for eLearning.

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