Website Localization

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Looking for website localization?


Get to the heart of your customers.

 We localize websites – enabling brands to connect with their global audiences. By aligning your website with your target market, we’ll assist you in your global expansion efforts, and improved customer relationships and ultimately, an increased bottom line. Our website localization and consulting services are all encompassing: we translate both website copy and localize the visual elements, tone and feel of your site. The Rubric approach to website localization is an end-to-end solution. We’ll address both your immediate requirements, and design and implement processes to make any future localization endeavors more streamlined and cost-effective. By providing you with a road map for a successful – and efficient – localization strategy, we’ll help to ensure your success.


Our website localization services consist of various stages and options:


  1. Technology assessment: We determine what technological changes need to be implemented to support foreign character sets, text flow directions, image support, CMS export/import and browser/technology preferences.
  2. Cultural assessment: We identify elements of your web presence that need to change to maximize the allure of your offerings. These include color, image and text.
  3. Website translations: Rubric’s website translation services employ in-country translators to make your web content ‘speak like a native’. Above translation, this includes removing and exchanging idiomatic language that doesn’t always work equally well across languages and tends to creep into home country web sites.
  4. Graphics conversion: We change graphics to suit both cultural and language issues.
  5. Testing: We conduct systematic testing to assure functionality is consistent across all regions.
  6. Language management: We make use of automated multilingual content management to warehouse your content and the language-specific versions of web pages.
  7. Our technical experts are intimately familiar with the predominant web technologies used today. Regardless of how your site is constructed or what CMS is used, our engineers and content specialists can work with:
  • Java, XML and Web applications
  • Flash and other media elements
  • Web application development (e-commerce, e-business)
  • Online store-building, merchandising and management
  • Security infrastructures for e-business