eLearning Courses

Course translation that improves your global engagement and retention

You need to translate your eLearning course content… but, it takes more than just translation to create a localized learning experience that will succeed in all your markets. Our course translation services understand the varied learning styles of your international learners.


of managers believe effective training is critical to project success


in annual savings when a company's teams are well-trained


increase in productivity for well-trained teams
(Source: IBM)
eLearning Courses

Create better learning outcomes with expert course translation

For global companies, eLearning courses provide a scalable way to improve consistency of training in all your markets. They lead to better retention of employees and more engaged customers, saving you significant time and budget over delivering the same training live.
But, many companies fall at the first hurdle — they don't translate the right course content in the right way. They miss their deadlines and go over budget because their translation providers don't understand the strategic purpose of the course content or the differences between learning styles of each market.
At Rubric, we start with your strategy, helping you to ensure that your eLearning course will be a success in all your markets.
Single Point of Contact

Your dedicated project manager makes your work easier

With most translation providers, you are in forced to be in contact with many people — the provider's finance department, individual translators, account managers…
This takes up a huge amount of your time and energy. It makes course translation even more stressful and adds to your workload.
With Rubric, your dedicated project manager is your single point of contact. They always look for ways to make your course translation process more efficient. Together, you will find ways to take that extra work off your plate without going over your budget.
Technical Expertise

Our technical expertise ensures your translation accuracy

Tired of working with translation providers that don't understand the technical details of your training content?
Our clients are often amazed by the high quality and accuracy of our translations. Unlike other providers, we take the extra step to fully understand the technicalities of your course content. We never assume that we know something when we can just ask you.
This makes the translation process much easier for you. You can be confident that we understand your terminology, your technology, and your industry.
Global Content Strategy

Don't waste resources on inefficient localization

Companies often approach course translation in the wrong way, wasting valuable time and resources.
We start by helping you identify the strategic goals of your global eLearning course.
This gives you:
  • More control over all your localization activities.
  • Clarity on exactly how your course will help you achieve your company's global goals.
  • Better use of your localization budget.
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"Rubric is a phenomenal partner for Amway and the value they offer goes way beyond translation. Rubric's greatest strengths are communication & project management, global reach, attention to detail, responsiveness to feedback, and commitment to partnership. Thank you Rubric for making this a great experience!"

Anne Stawiski
Senior Lead Corporate Trainer, Amway

How we handle your course translation project

We don't just translate your course content…
When you start a course project with us, we take it through our 8-step process. This ensures you are getting the most from your localization budget.
Do you have a rush job? No problem. This process can be quick, but it's important to ensure your translation is efficient.
Here is the process we follow when onboarding you…
1 General information
We clarify your needs and pain points, the stakeholders for localization, the project purpose, and other key information.
2 Source file analysis
Our content analysts examine your source files to identify the best way to localize your eLearning course. They consider file structure, learning management system, specific requirements of the content, and many other properties.
3 Scope, schedule, and costs
We help you identify which services you will require. Will you need video engineering or Desktop Publishing? Who will be responsible for Quality Assurance? Together, we set a schedule and the costs.
4 Your dedicated project manager (PM)
We assign your dedicated PM who will be your single point of content at Rubric. They will guide your project from here.
5 Project team assembled
Your PM will assemble a custom team of translators, engineers, and other key people for your project. 
6 Process recommendations
We identify the most efficient way for us to receive content from you and deliver the translated versions. Here, your PM will recommend ways you can improve your content processes. This starts the process of continuous improvement that is a key benefit of working with Rubric.
7 Course localization begins
Your project team will get to work. By this stage, every course translation project looks different as the process has been catered to your unique needs.
8 Iterate and Improve
There's a reason our clients often stay with us for decades. With every project we help you to further improve the efficiency of your translation process. Over time, the savings and improvements you make can be huge.
At each stage, we identify potential risks and mitigate them with an Identify + Assess + Plan framework

Spend less time and budget localizing your course. With fewer headaches.

With most providers

  • Many wasted hours preparing and integrating translations into your learning management system (LMS).
  • Complex, confusing localization processes.
  • Missed deadlines and delayed release dates.
  • Low and/or inconsistent translation accuracy.
  • Cost multiplies with each new language and release.

With Rubric

  • We pull new course content automatically from your LMS or authoring tool.
  • Simple localization that fits with your unique workflow.
  • Deadlines are sacred. We never promise a deadline that we cannot meet.
  • Consistent, high accuracy translations every time.
  • Cost savings increase over time as process becomes more efficient.

What we need to know from you for a quote…

Do you have a course translation project you would like us to look at?
We have some questions for you!
You might not have the answers yet. But, the more information you can give us, the quicker we can advise you on the services you may need.
Some useful questions for course translation are:
  • Who will consume this course content?
  • Which languages and locales/markets do you need to translate into?
  • What aspects of the training content need to be translated?
  • What extra QA steps are needed to ensure accuracy?
  • When does the training course need to go live?
If you're not sure about these answers yet, just give us as much detail as you can.

Still just thinking about elearning courses?

Perhaps you’re still just considering elearning courses and you aren’t sure what you need yet. This is absolutely fine!
A good way to learn how you can get the most from translation is to sign up for updates to our blog.
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