Software Translation

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Localized content software translation


Software translation services and consulting that spans from code to copy

Ensuring that your user interface is 100% functional relies on expert software translation and testing.

Garbled text, language overflow and software that ceases to work are all common problems faced when translating existing software.

Our approach to software translation:

A common problem when localizing software results from the use of random testing. This approach overlooks the majority of a program, testing the same parts repeatedly. This results in many problems remaining hidden – only to be uncovered at a later stage – a costly and time-consuming oversight.

We use a preventative approach to ensure that no gremlins go unnoticed. Our engineers conduct in-depth software testing to determine any potential technical issues. Once identified, we’ll remedy any glitches so that your software isn’t corrupted – eliminating any technical issues further down the line and paving the way to successful future localization projects.