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What does "scalability" look like in real life? Consider this: in 1994, worldwide technology leader Toshiba created only printed manuals for its laptop PC's. Today, all of Toshiba's documentation exists online as well as in hard copy.
The Stratus team vetted a number of different Language Service Providers (LSPs), and Rubric stood out from the start. “Rubric showed us the intricacies of the project and the differences in locale, and really helped us through the minefield,” comments Hall. “The team pointed out potential issues up front, which meant we were prepared for problems that other vendors hadn’t even mentioned”.
Any company that’s attempted a simultaneous shipment of a product (SimShip) knows that the logistics alone can be nothing short of a Herculean effort. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shipping a piece of manufacturing equipment or you’re making a software product available for download in ten countries at the same time. In order to ensure that the product is ready for every market, you have to make sure that all of the code and copy can be understood by end users right out of the box, physical or digital. 
In 2009, the French company hired Rubric to assist with the translation of their product instruction manual into five languages. The handpresso team had already translated the French instructions into English internally. Rubric was tasked with translating the English instructions into German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish and Italian.
While local business was booming, Midé was aware that doing business internationally held a lot of potential. While around 20% of their sales were made overseas, this was primarily to English-speaking countries like the UK and South Africa that could navigate their website and understand the existing product brochures and data sheets. The fact that all of their product information was only available in English severely handicapped their entry into lucrative international manufacturing and automotive sectors, such as those in Germany, France and Japan. 

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