Françoise Henderson

Best Practices for Business Transformations

In this report, we share our best practices for adapting your global content strategy quickly and cost-effectively. During a major business transformation, such as a Merger and Acquisition (M&A), there can be far-reaching implications for your company’s global content strategy.

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Decades of savvy scaling with Toshiba

What does “scalability” look like in real life? Consider this: in 1994, worldwide technology leader Toshiba created only printed manuals for its laptop PC’s. Today, all of Toshiba’s documentation exists online as well as in hard copy.

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Best Practices for Online Learning Localization

In this report, we share our best practices for writing, designing, and translating high-quality online learning material cost-effectively. Technology advances have made it easier than ever to create high-quality online learning courses, but translating instructional content can still be prohibitively expensive if it is not authored with localization in mind.

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How Stratus Technologies Localized Next-Gen User Support to Increase Sales and Customer Engagement

The Stratus team vetted a number of different Language Service Providers (LSPs), and Rubric stood out from the start. “Rubric showed us the intricacies of the project and the differences in locale, and really helped us through the minefield,” comments Hall. “The team pointed out potential issues up front, which meant we were prepared for problems that other vendors hadn’t even mentioned”.

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Rubric helps Amway give a voice to its global business owners

Considering that The Voice unites ambitious ABOs from so many regions speaking over 60 languages, Amway knew that accurate and efficient translation was key to the program’s success. People needed to be able to communicate their ideas and opinions freely, without worrying about being misunderstood.

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