About Rubric

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We are global translation & localization consultants


Rubric is a global Language Service Provider, working with companies from California to Cape Town. We are expert translation and localization consultants who empower you to develop localized products and deliver a targeted experience to your consumers that delights. We offer specialized services for companies in the technology, software, manufacturing, tourism, marketing and media publishing industries.

A combination of expert translators and software engineers, customizable automation tools and our in-depth knowledge of cultural sensitivity help us to deliver superior results.

All of this is delivered by a long-standing team that takes special care of your project and is deeply committed to your success.

Founded in 1994, we have decades of experience in creating language solutions that speak directly to the heart of your customers. In 1997, we expanded to the US before establishing a footprint in Africa in 2011. Our headquarters are in Edinburgh with offices in Denver, Danbury and Cape Town.

Our services are delivered in 144 languages through an extensive, growing network of independent translation professionals and software engineers.

We’ll pave the road to your success by equipping you with the necessary know-how and tools to successfully approach both your current and future translation needs.


Vision and mission

Our vision is that every person deserves information in his or her own language. We achieve this through empowerment, automation and customization.


    1. Empowerment of:
      • End-users, with clear and concise translations in their own language giving them access to information they would not otherwise have.
      • Clients, with quality deliverables including timely progress reports so they always know exactly where their project is at any one time.
      • Staff, giving them the support and freedom to take decisions on their own in the best interest of our clients and end-users.
    2. Automation, using automated localization technology to reduce labor-intensive steps, as well as introduce better processes. We constantly question if the orthodox way of doing projects is the best way for a given client’s projects.
    3. Customization, creating special workflow processes for every client’s individual needs through customized localization.
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