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Looking for a voice-over service?


We’ll get your message heard.

Video is a powerful means of broadcasting your message. That said, when catering to markets with a low literacy rate, the role of voice-overs is a crucial one. Narration is much easier to absorb than subtitling – but only if your message isn’t mangled in the translation process.

We’ll provide you with a voice-over service that conveys your message in the clearest way possible.

Combining our voice-over services with our other offerings, we can deliver audio services to localize or enhance your:

  • Animations
  • Digital audio streams
  • Video productions
  • Webinars

Our teams of in-country translators, localization engineers and voice-over artists ensure that we provide a superior, culturally-aligned voice-over service. Because each language has its own cultural and linguistic factors, the only way to guarantee that your voice-overs retain their core message is by utilizing the skills of localization experts who’re based in the country in question.

Our voice-over services not only address your immediate localization needs, they also pave the way for successful future projects. By implementing the right processes from the very beginning, you’ll enjoy more streamlined, cost-effective and faster localization projects in the future.