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AccuWeather provides weather information and updates with Superior Accuracy to users worldwide, including award-winning AccuWeather apps and AccuWeather.com website. Rubric’s translation, localization, and project management expertise helped the company to effectively customize its trusted all-weather content in more than 100 languages and dialects, successfully tailoring communications to connect with users on a global scale.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors ships its software updates every three months in 40 languages, an aggressive production schedule prone to translation error. By re-organizing internal process to sync software translation alongside product development, Rubric helps SAP SuccessFactors meet demanding deadlines time after time.

Stratus Technologies

Stratus Technologies’ software-defined availability solution alerts users to performance issues in their IT environment. When launching its product in Germany, China and Japan, Stratus leaned on Rubric’s linguistic and technical expertise to translate context-sensitive content within the software’s graphical user interface.


Amway is known for their unique, multi-level approach to market a variety of products that fall into the beauty, health and home care markets. Rubric provides translation services in more than 40 languages for various Amway content including catalogs and multi-media training courses.

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