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Tall as the truth was who; and

wore his

… life

like a …


The above is a poem written by e e cummings (not E E Cummings). Cummings was an American poet, playwright and artist who was famous for denouncing accepted grammar, sentence structure and spelling.

He used verbs as nouns and played around with punctuation and capitalization. Despite this rebellion against the status quo, cummings enjoyed a very successful career and was described as the ‘eminent voice of 20th century literature’.

And today he would’ve turned 122.

While cummings’ battles against convention may have resulted in the creation of some pretty prolific poetry, it also aided him in establishing a very memorable persona. But just because Cummings could get away with an eclectic approach to spelling and grammar, doesn’t mean that your business can adopt a similar approach.

Studies show that just one spelling error on a website can halve a company’s online sales. Spelling mistakes can account for thousands of dollars worth of lost revenue. Incorrect sentence structure and sloppy spelling put off customers and can cause them to question the website’s credibility. And it’s not just spelling that people notice, it’s grammar too.

Here are a few techniques you can implement to keep silly errors to a minimum:

Don’t just rely on built-in spelling and grammar checks

Spell check programs may pick up obvious faux pas but that doesn’t mean that they’ll catch all your mistakes. They also tend to have a rather limited dictionary, meaning that certain words, which are actually spelled correctly, will be flagged as incorrect. Especially when one considers that new words are constantly being added to the dictionary. Basically, a spell check is a great starting point, but this doesn’t mean that a stringent read through is not required.   

Map mistakes to prevent errors in the future

Most writers will have specific words that become a part of their writing style or they may struggle with the spelling of certain words. It can be handy to make lists of common mistakes so that writers can refer to the list when they are trying to decide if something has or hasn’t been written correctly. ‘Their’, ‘there and ‘they’re’ tend to get muddled up, so adding advice on how to avoid these tricky typos can make everyone’s jobs easier.

When you proofread, do it later

Before you publish something or hit send on that important customer email, wait a moment, walk away and then come back and proofread the content one more time. Waiting some time between writing the content and editing it generally means that you’ll be better at spotting errors. When you write something and immediately proofread it, you’re likely to rush through and miss things because the copy is still fresh in your mind.  

While ee cummings may have made a name for himself by leaving out capital letters and commas, you don’t want bad spelling and grammar to be something your business is known for. Partnering with an expert document translation services is a great way to ensure your content is error free. Contact us for more information about our services.

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