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Companies around the globe achieve their global strategy goals by organizing their global content.

Global Content Stakeholders

Procurement Managers

…who are driven to maximize the value of their Global Content.
…who want to expand into international markets and reap the rewards of globalization.
…who are passionate about achieving return on investment from their procurement decisions.

Product Development

…who aspire to achieve global success with their products.
…who are passionate about delivering quality, up-to-date, and relevant content to their end users.
…who are driven to succeed on the global stage.

Digital Content Managers

…who are hell-bent on delivering clear information about their companies and products on a global scale.
…who are passionate about the integrity of global documents.
…who are keen to deliver an excellent experience for those utilizing their products.

Global Content People

…who acknowledge that global success is directly proportional to a tailored, quality, and organized Global Content framework.


Case Study Spotlight


Learn how AccuWeather organizes,
creates,and distributes premium weather
content in over 100 languages.


Learn how SAP SuccessFactors successfully ships products in 40 languages across the globe.

The Voice

Learn how Amway Business Owners got the opportunity to get their voices heard.

Lancer Corporation

Learn how Lancer Corp ensures that their Global Content is on par with their superior products.

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