09 Jan 2014

How to Choose the Right Translation Services for Your Tech Company

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Choosing the right translation service for your tech company is one of the most important steps when expanding into another market.There are thousands of localization services out there, and when businesses are looking around, it’s hard to know what to expect.

Most know that it will be necessary to translate technical documentation, marketing collateral and the website, at the very least. Maybe the software will have to be translated, too.

But what does that really mean when it comes to the actual art of translating? On the surface, it seems deceptively simple. But if you’ve ever tried visiting a foreign language website and asked Google to translate it automatically, you can tell that a lot more goes into the localization process than you expect.

Here are two things every tech company needs to consider when looking at translation services:

1.  Industry Expertise

When tech companies are hiring internally, the first requirement is that candidates are familiar with the industry. Cloud providers want people who are experienced with the cloud. Mobile tech companies are always going to look for people with previous experience in that domain.

Yet when it comes to translation, industry experience isn’t always the first consideration. But the truth is, the only way to make copy as powerful and compelling as possible for your end users is to find translation service providers that have dedicated and experienced staff who are familiar with your industry.

Someone who’s already familiar with the technical terminology that your prospects and customers are looking to hear can make the difference between a website that educates and converts and one that gets overlooked.

2. Technological Proficiency

Tech companies also need to consider the level of technological proficiency of the translators. Often, businesses will rely on a cut-and-paste approach. They’ll hand over pages and pages of copy, get it back after it has been translated, and then manually upload the copy to the new website or software platform – and have to reflow the content.

But hiring a translation service provider with experts who are already familiar with HTML, Java and .NET or various content management systems like WordPress or Drupal can greatly simplify that process. Through a closely coordinated workflow with checks and balances in place, it’s possible to directly translate a website, as long as they have the technical expertise needed to work with the data format or platform.

By eliminating the copy-and-paste approach altogether, tech companies can save hundreds of hours in getting a project to market.

Tech Translation Services that Work

Industry and technological expertise add the depth that can make or break a translation project. As more tech companies compete for overseas business, it’s important to find a translation service provider that can seamlessly translate documentation, collateral and software not just to the local language, but to the local business terminology and in the right format.

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